I am passionate about the cosmos. My research spans both cosmology and stellar atmospheres. After graduating with my PhD (2010) in Physics and Astronomy from University of Oklahoma, I started my first postdoc as an Exploration fellow at Arizona State University. At ASU my work involved both Type Ia supernova and magnetic field induced effects in the CMB and 21 cm. After a successful postdoc, I moved to Europe to begin a second postdoc (2014) at ETH Zurich which was followed by a career break after the birth of my first child. I resumed my research career at UC Davis as a visiting scholar. This is also the point when I started to become interested in circular polarization of the cosmic microwave background. I also began a long awaited project of mine – writing a publicly available radiative transfer code aimed at a broad set of stellar atmospheric problems. This is an ongoing endeavor. I recently started to teach for BASIS Scottsdale in AZ which is a top ranked (US news ranking #2 in the country) high school. I teach AP Physics courses and Capstone classes in special topics in astrophysics.